Hygge philosophy was born in the Danish territory and every door opened to happiness by the Danish was defined as hygge. Sometimes it is the taste of the fireplace fire with close friends, but sometimes it is the feelings that have not been tried before. Hygge can be regarded as an interpreter running for help while expressing those unique moments in which the whole humanity has had difficulty in making recipes for years, even though it is a Danish word.

Sometimes the verb is an object, sometimes even a dream can be hygge. According to some people, secret of happiness is to complete the secret life puzzle with hygge pieces. An evening dinner lighted by candle light can be made unique with a hygge touch. The secret of a happy and peaceful life is not very secret, in fact everyone knows the hygge moments; Living the philosophy of hygge is a value that man gives to himself.

It is a bi-philosophy that has a clear definition of how you want to read (huge, hodgepodge, hoga, etc.), and that everyone can feel happy. The Dannish concept is described as "the art of creating intimate environments", "feeling the spirit is warm", "being away from all the trouble, distress and annoying things", "enjoying things that give comfort and happiness", "being with the most beloved". etc. etc. ... This philosophy born in Denmark, which is chosen as the happiest country in the world every year, becomes a philosophy of life rather than happiness!

Candle light, pleasant and long meals eaten with friends, reading a book you like, sometimes even your favorite cup of coffee is just your favorite. Here are the basics of hygge, these little touches, happiness. Hygge reminds us of the happiness that we have in the day, that we are not aware of those little happiness, the fact that we have revealed little details.





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