Why hyggefisk exists

We have all been taught that if you want to eat well, you’ve got to compromise.


We’re here to tell you that the right comfort food can make you feel more alive than ever. No compromises. Just some science know-how, and a genuine love for amazing food. That’s why we’re here today - to prove that you can eat like a king and give your body the love it needs - all at the same time.

How we came about

Quinoa and goji berries... they're both super healthy, right? They have their place, but we weren't satisfied, because by themselves they sucked all the joy out of eating. (Sorry to the quinoa-goji lovers!)


After years of experience in the kitchen, and countless hours in Nutritional Therapy training, we set out to make food in a different way.

We're not just having a go...

... we really know our stuff. With our founders, Catherine and Danny, at the helm, we're ready to flip the food world on its head. Here's why:


Catherine, or as Danny calls her "the fruit cake", qualified (with distinction) in 2013  as a Nutritional Therapist in Functional Nutritional Medicine; she has also been a chef for many years. Training as a Nutritional Therapist gave Catherine an understanding on identifying biochemical and physiological imbalances that may be causing health problems, together with how certain food & ingredients may contribute to imbalances and disfunction in the body.


Danny's grown up around the hustle and bustle of the professional kitchen - observing his parents successfully manage pubs and restaurants from London to Dorset, reaching the "Top 10 pub guide in Britain". For most of his career, Danny worked in high-end establishments in the catering and hospitality industry - starting as a kitchen porter as young as 14. If this wasn't enough, he also has a number of entrepreneurial adventures under his belt. He loves food, life, feeling good and feeling fit - and he loves inspiring others to feel the same.


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Our promise to you

Every body's different. This isn't a one-size-fits-all kind of approach, and we don't have all the answers. What we do have is a great team who really care about mastering what they do, and helping us all eat better food.

Make friends with food

At Aprés Food Co., we promise never to count calories, because we believe it's how many nutrients you're getting that's important. We promise to use Fairly Traded and organic food where we can, and we'll never use gluten or refined sugar. We promise that no matter how good for you a dish might be, you won't see it on our menu unless it's delicious too. What we're saying is that, when it boils right down to it, we promise to help you make friends with food again.


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